Incomparable Acceptance Rate
Among all art schools in the area, we produce the largest number of students who goes on to attend and receive scholarships from prestigious art high schools and colleges, such as RISD, Pratt, SVA, Parsons, and SCAD.
A Plan Focused on Your Future
We provide free consultations to our students and their parents on which major to choose, which top high schools and colleges to apply to, and what is required for each school’s specific application process.
Differentiated Portfolio
We help every student prepare their unique portfolios to their uttermost completion and be able to speak confidently about their work.

Professional Arts Institution

Located in the heart of Bergen County, E-Art Studio is a professional institution for those interested in pursuing an education or hobby in the arts. Not only do we prepare our students to excel in the best art schools in the nation, but also teach anyone of all ages who wants to learn art.


01. How to Get Into an Art School

The extracurricular activity of 11th and 12th graders who are about to enter college is as important as their school grades (GPA) and SAT scores.

02. Portfolio

The portfolio usually requires 12 to 20 works, including self-portraits, still lifes, landscapes, human figures, interior drawings, and more.

03. Why Children's Art Is Important

Why should moms and dads make their children study art while they are not interested?

Students Gallery

What people says

I highly recommend Ewha Art for anyone who wishes to develop or refine his or her art skills. Great teachers help students grow their artistic and creative skills. They help students to enter local and national art competitions and build portfolios. Many students from Ewha Art have gotten accepted to top art schools.
Julie Y. Kim
Thank you, guys! I’m very satisfied with your work. I was a student here and I loved it! Recommend highly!
Anna Melisa
Ewha Arts is awesome! Their creative ideas were perfectly implemented. I’m very pleased!
Frank Lampard