Why Children’s Art Is Important

Why should moms and dads make their children study art while they are not interested?

With more than 20 years of experience, children younger than the second and third graders show different art activities from the older.

The brains of children up to eight and nine years old are full of possibilities without limit. No parents know that they learn as taught.

Parents travel, read books, go to zoos, museums, and so on, to build up their experiences in their infinite left and right sides of the brain.

That’s one of the reasons why we try hard to go on a family trip with our tired dad!

Art activities not only catalyze to make important conclusion of this parent’s effort but also is a stepping stone to raise their children to be active, flexible positive to solve problems on their own and not to be frustrated easily.

Young children are unskilled at verbal expressing, so one of the inner unconscious methods of expression becomes an art.

In other words, children can express their desires through art activities such as cutting, pasting, thinking and painting at will. Also, in the process of completing the work, they constantly encounter not only creativity, but also big and small problems, and eventually goes through the process of solving problems.

In the process of creating ideas and enduring, children find solutions through themselves or with the help of their teachers and receive satisfaction, fulfillment, and praise for their completion.

As these experiences accumulate, children grow in creative thinking, endurance, and problem-solving skills step by step that leads to being emotionally stable and responsible with the confidence to overcome their frustrations and fears.

Therefore, childhood art activities are one of the most important works for raising positive children who can design wonder future with brilliant creativity.