About Us

E-Art Studio is a professional arts institution that recognizes the current trends in contemporary art and helps students complete high-quality portfolios by expanding individual student’s creativity and abilities.

With an in-depth and trendy guidance from experienced teachers who are currently active as artists, our programs offer individualized lessons to students of all age, from pre-K to adults. We help our students develop the best techniques that transform their basic ideas into artistic manifestations.

Especially for students preparing for art school admissions, we aid in the completion of different types of portfolios, including painting, sculpture, and design. We keep in mind each art piece’s meaning and quality, while emphasizing each student’s strength, story, and purpose.  

Out of all art schools in the area, E-Art Studio produces the largest number of students who goes on to attend and receive scholarships from prestigious art high schools and colleges, such as RISD, Pratt, SVA, Parsons, and SCAD. We have successfully helped our students with their admission to their desired art schools and continue to guide our students along their academic paths.

E-Art Studio promises continued support to our students, from their first foot into art to their professional endeavors in the arts.